Nathan Jones is Dead

by ghostpal

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Clayton Giles
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Clayton Giles These guys are obviously young, and they have an energy and sound that is incredibly infectious. This is a great concept album & I highly recommend it. The passion the singer puts into "Circle" is awesome. Favorite track: Will the Circle Be Unbroken?.
Kabir Kumar
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Kabir Kumar A ragged, emotionally raw record with intense dynamic shifts. Favorite track: Too Much, Pt. 2.
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released August 15, 2012

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Oliver Ignatius at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen from summer 2011 to summer 2012.
Additional engineering by Josh Aubin and Justin Coles.

Original story concept by Josh Barocas and Oliver Ignatius.

String arrangements by Dominic Coles, Josh Barocas, Oliver Ignatius and Justin Coles.

Josh Barocas: Vocals, bass, percussion, acoustic guitar
Dominic Coles: Vocals, organ, harmonium, melodica, toy piano, acoustic guitar
Justin Coles: Electric guitars
Alexandre da Silva: Electric guitars, delay
Oliver Ignatius: Vocals, guitars, pianos, toy piano, synths, organ, harmonium, percussion
Henry Kandel: Vocals, saxophones, digeridoo, penny whistle
Carson Moody: Drums

Catherine Hochman: Viola
Reid Jenkins: Violin
Shayne Lebron: Cello

Artwork by Bernadette Higgins



all rights reserved


ghostpal Brooklyn, New York

ghostpal is a roaring conglomerate. stay tuned!

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Track Name: Who is Nathan Jones?
i've been alive
and i've been a dead
i've seen the light
and i've lost my head
this is my story
told in these songs
some have their meaning
some are all wrong
i've seen these things
and i could tell you

i had my vote
and i chose to die
follow the ghosts
into the afterlife
this is my steeple
dipped into dawn
here is my body
now it is gone
i know this world
is just a preview

i could not stand
the good things i missed
but i found music
it was my only bliss!
Track Name: Hop, Skip & a Jump
i had the world in my sight
and i was trying to make it so that things would be right
then you find out that it's never quite

well i sped on past lights that were there to guide my way
and if something didn't matter i had nothing to say
running, running circles each and every day

and i don't know who or how
did the things that i did just now
that i wouldn't allow
if i was billy the kid
i'd be dead and alive
if only something i did
would remain in light
but you know these things that always come
always get to us somehow

some have a place in my heart
then we try to get it right but we can't even start
feeling stupid, but it's just my part

and then i gotta move
gotta move
gotta move cause it's getting me down
gotta move, gotta move right out of town

cause i don't know who or how
did the things that i did just now
that i wouldn't allow
it grinds me down to my core
i have swallowed the chance
and i can never be sure
things are not askance
but you know these things that always come
always get to us somehow

it's hard to get on
i'll let go anon
i'd speak but i'm shy
so i sing to the sky
if i could just stand
on a cliff with my band
i'd get
i'd get through
to you

the past is hard to be in
it's far to dark to see in
and though we missed the Be-In
there's still a world for me'n'you

and though you feel like a fool
when you're chasing the one
ah you don't have to be cool
all you need is fun
Nathan Jones
Track Name: I Go Out Walking
i go out walking
and everybody's talking
and everybody's squawking
they'll laugh at me so til i've caught him

i go out to the stable
where everybody's able
they live like in a fable
then something cops out and i've lost him
Track Name: Too Much, Pt. 2
sunrise, sunrise
yellow covering the land mines
black hole, stay cool
no one's harboring a toad stool
there's always gonna be a bad one this year

"tick tock," says the clock
the asphalt's rotting off and they don't stop
short legs, stay down
someone's gotta play the sad frown
there's always gonna be a bad one this year
there's always gonna be a bad one this year

they think they've got it
they think they own it!
i'll watch it all come clattering down on them
too much! too much
too much! too much
i'm walking circles
i'm dodging ashtrays
i'm gonna motor round and cover the other one!
too much! too much
too much! too much

too late, too late
save your arms before they dissipate
but I wanna do good
the edge misreads me and they're understood
there's always gonna be a bad one this year
there's always gonna be a bad one in here

i want you closer
i need you farther
i'm gonna motor round and beg protection!
too much! too much
too much! too much
the edge misreads me
come on like banshees
and misdirect me past the ?
too much! too much
too much! too much
they think they've got it
they think they own it
i'll watch it all come clattering down on them!
too much! too much
too much! too much
too much! too much

there's always gonna be a bad one this year
Track Name: Killer Ghost
i wandered through dark alleys
and i wandered through dark valleys
and i can't find relief
i may have been a killer
but i do not know what ended me
i died this way in my sleep

something that i've had to find out
now i can't kill with my hands
and i'm so frustrated
i just can't make it now

i may not have my body
but i sure still have my memory
and i'll get inside your head
i'll lure you to the forest
and i'll ask of you a promise
cause i'll see you through til the end

i may not be a living man
but i can still take your soul
so come around me
don't look down on me
join me in my shadowy world

there is a steeple
under which i'd spend my mornings
if i could only trust
the worshippers of Jesus Christ
i wish i could love him
i wish i could trust them
but everyone's shady
and everyone hates me
and i'll have to do this one on my own
Track Name: So Inside
oh how i knew it
you'd do it
the blood's all around me
my life's a metal drop that won't ever stop!

how could they take you
and break you?
the blood's all around me
how could you take it in your hands to get dropped?

i miss you
i miss your sweet, sweet smile
are you now alive now and free?
it's so inside
that i was somebody's mother

why can't you repeat
or threepeat
and rush in around me?
i can't believe i'll never see you again!

you couldn't chew it
and screw it
like all those around you
it always hit you as you came round the bend

i love you
you know i'll love you always
no matter what you did to me
your suicide
has made my universe so lonely
and i can't hide
i know you wanted them to blame me
and oh the guilt
and oh the guilt
Track Name: Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
i was standing by my window
on one cold and cloudy day
when i saw that hearse come rollin'
for to take my young boy away

so i told that undertaker
"undertaker, please drive slow"
for that body which you carry
lord i hate to see him go

so i followed close behind him
i tried to hold up and be brave
but i could not hide my sorrow
when they laid him in his grave

will the circle be unbroken?
by and by, lord, by and by
there's a better home awaiting
in the sky, lord, in the sky

when i die
i wanna take you with me!
Track Name: Ghost Pal
creepy crawly
the white man's folly
i heard a detuned piano
saw a spectral light show
hope is fading
ghosts are waiting
sitting in the arm chair
i felt a blast of cold air

well i saw the white noise
had a tingling brain
things are not the same
picking up the cries
and the wails of pain
they must have died in vain

if the spirit is tormented, tragic
the pale reflects the moon
then the story's about eerie magic
the soul was snatched too soon

misty mornings
ghost recordings
made the layers haunted
everything i wanted
hope is fading
ghosts are waiting
everywhere that i go
i need to keep my eyes low

well the mystery head
doesn't know he's dead
but he'll find out soon
tingling buzz
got an eye of fuzz
i wouldn't go in that room

if i were you
here's what i'd do
i'd hide in that hall
pressed against the wall
but that's not me
i can't help but see
the melancholy face
with its transient grace

yeah i could run
but i can't hide
and i know i'll go inside
where the dark abide
and hear what they confide
Track Name: Do You Know the Way?
do you know the way?
Track Name: Ghost Teen
if you chose living over my ways
i'd understand
for hundreds of years i've been waiting on the sand
the sky is staring into a horrible abyss
and staring at the sky is connecting with this

the first time i cast my sight on
your sunkissed hair
been such a long time since i tasted air
and though i knew i could not join you in breath
and it'd be so wrong to try to tempt you to death

i loved you on sight
you made me feel bright
i gave you a fright

before too long you could see me
i manifested a form
but you could not touch me so i'm never warm
and when your father saw you kissing the air
he had you committed though it was not fair

i loved you on sight
you made me feel bright
but dead love isn't right

my vengeance is fierce, runs cold like the winter
i'll use it to turn the world upside down
and i'll rip the sound out of everyone's ears
til all you can hear is my terrible silence
Track Name: Nathan Jones is Dead
with all my hopes and my dreams
i, i'm just hoping somebody's alive
i sailed the world in a scream
and i know exactly how it feels to die
so, i was happier before in my life
before i was lured to my grave with a knife
something inside never leaves
and i know exactly how it feels to die
Track Name: Skeleton Dance
you know i served my time
you know i lived it well
and just to die and find
that there is only hell
and i've been here three years
and i'm mad as well!

i waited for a while
along the deathly walls
been so long since i smiled
i didn't care at all
but sometimes through my tears
i heard the sound of a bell!

then one night
i came upon a remote hall
i heard music
it was a clicky-clacky skeleton's ball
and i still can't believe that night
the light that set me free
when the music saved me

when i saw what was going inside
it must have been about a party bout a three miles wide
and how their bones were clacking!
a skeleton drummer led a skeleton band
atop a bandstand built out of skeleton hands
i knew what i'd been lacking!

how could i join?
when everyone had found their bliss
release my loins
forget the parties i knew i had missed?
and i still can't believe that night
the light that set me free
when the music saved me

before too long i was on the floor
and shaking down my bones
i knew that god forgave me!